AirDtoD APP!

AirDtoD is a smartphone application which connects travelers with people who want to send/ mail items to the same destination of those travelers around or at the same time of the travelers trips.

AirDtoD app would allow then those people “ senders” to send/ mail their items to that destination in cheaper and in many cases faster than ordinary post offices.
This would also allow the travelers “ delivery ppl” to make some money while traveling to that specific destination.

The application meant to be easy and simple to navigate, so that it allows senders and delivery people to communicate and operate via the app conveniently.

How it works

First you have to upload your documents on the DELIVERY App there will be a one time password verification to get approved your account

After your documents have been verified, you post your next travel on the app, destination and date

The App will match your trip info with a SENDER who want to send something from your location to the destination you’re going to.

Once we match you with a SENDER, you will be able via the app to connect with the SENDER and get the ITEM which need to be send.

When you deliver the item to the RECEIVER, the sender will be able to rate your service and you will be able to rate the SENDER as well.

You will then receive your payment directly to your bank account with the currency of the country you live in.

The prices are determined based on the weight of the item and the distance of the trip to deliver that item.

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